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Drama, Drama, Drama!

Selling our bull, Gentry, is a risk.  While his body conformation isn’t our ideal, he is a walking, breeding, Mike-Tyson-Voice mooing herdsire.  Our gamble wasn’t so much on whether or not he would breed if he stayed – our gamble is on who will take his place. When we purchased our Southpoll crosses last February, […]

Wrecks and Drug Busts

It’s sometimes mind-boggling just how far-afield farm-related stories stretch.  Almost as mind boggling as the number of hyphenated words we can squeeze into one sentence… Above is a case in point. Last Wednesday, or Tuesday, we were trying to get the green tractor started.  We like to keep it in a semi-broken state to frustrate […]

The Right Tool

A couple of years ago we broke down and purchased a new chicken plucker and scalder.  New to us normally just means the product contains thrice used parts put to a new use.  This was different.  No old lamp cords, or recycled 2x4s.  These were stainless steel, electric and gas powered machines that, out of […]

Those Cows

With an almost tearful goodbye, we delivered the last of our registered Highlands to their new owner yesterday.We have been advertising them for sale for months and I had little hope that anyone would want cows that were between 14 and 16 years.  However, I knew that Highlands can calve up to 20, so someone […]


Wow! Spring is blowing by and thankfully we’re still here. Please accept the picture above as a more figurative, than literal, estimation of our recent past.  No.  It’s pretty literal. Life has lately been consumed with preparation, and, as usual, tardy preparation.  Case in point… After lengthy research, we concluded that our pastures needed more […]