Welcome to the rear end of our RTV/Mule/Farm workhorse!

Well, sort of.

Pictured here is a right angle bar – maybe that’s a left-angle bar, attached to the back of our RTV.  I haven’t attached this picture to show how dirty our RTV looks Continue Reading.  No.  That bar represents development of a project that began – some of you may remember – with the backpack post bucket well over a year ago.

Looking for a faster, easier way to put out and take up a three-strand electric fence every day, we cobbled together the post backpack, then the Fence Wand.  Next we mounted the wand to the front of the pictured RTV and away we went!

We have been setting up fence while seated comfortably for some time now, but reeling it in was a real problem.  First we’d have to run down the line, wrestling posts from the ground, then we drove a stake in at the end of our fence line, attached a reeler, tied wire on and wound our fence with a battery-powered drill.

Those days are now behind us!

That arm pictured holds our top-secret project.  A machine so mysterious…Wait…I’m not selling this to you.

What I’m trying to say is that we had some friends cobble together a device that winds three strands of wire as we drive.  The machine itself is not pictured because someone here has some lofty ideas about developmentalization, patents, and so forth.  The point is – we’ve cut our time taking up fence by 2/3!

With all that extra time, now all we’ll be doing is sending you emails…