Every decision on our farm is driven by the following holistic goal:

  • We want our hearts and lives bound firmly to God and our family in a rural setting.
  • We want to be debt-free, enjoying work that employs our gifts, gives us a sense of purpose and allows us financial stability.
  • We want our family(s) to grow and thrive with lives of peace, order, calm, justice, integrity, hope, celebration, hospitality and deliberate rest and leisure.
  • We want to be a lively, giving part of our community at large.
  • We want to leave our place better than we found it.

Practically, this means that our farming...

Is all about life. Building, improving, encouraging, promoting and strengthening life in our animals, our soil, our customers, our neighbors and our children. Shortly, we have an obligation to be good stewards of everything and everyone God has entrusted to us.

Has no secrets. You can come here anytime and taste what we feed our animals, drink their water, watch them sleep, and make sure they are as healthy and happy as we claim.

Feeds us all from the same table. You get what we do best and what we feed our family. If we aren’t willing to eat or raise something, we don’t offer it for sale—ever—because what we put into our bodies directly contributes to our sickness or health.

Lets animals live like animals. As Joel Salatin says, “Pigs need to express their pigness.” Cows and sheep eat grass, chickens thrive on pasture, and pigs desperately need to root. So, we let them.

Keeps ’em moving! Our animals move daily from paddock to paddock, building and fertilizing the soil, leaving waste behind, avoiding disease—and calmly flourish.