An Ode To Turnip Green

Pigs are under-rated.

Think about it.

What comes to mind when I even say ‘pig’?

Mud? Stink? Just look at the picture above.

Even worse, we don’t appreciate them – at least not until they’re on our plate.

We can speculate and say that modern agriculture, by locking them in barns where we never see them, has de-animalized them in our  minds.  And maybe we’d be correct.

Only one book about pigs comes to my mind – and probably yours, too.  And even in that one it’s really a spider that steals the show.  Afterall, it’s titled “Charlotte’s Web”, not “Wilbur’s Victory”.

Other than Charlotte’s Web, the only time I can recall us crediting pigs with admirable characteristics is on signs in front of barbecue restaurants.  Maybe the pig has on a top hat and he’s holding a cane in mid-jaunt.  Still, I submit, this is meager.  How admirable, afterall, is jaunting?  Still, we’re really only paying tribute to what we’re eating, not the animal himself.

Why all this fuss?

Well, there are some pigs…admirable pigs.

Mistreated by others, but

Never turning to hate.


Desperately brave.

Outnumbered often, but

Never retreating.

Dedicated lovers,

Faithful in their charge.

Never boastful.



Beautifully stubborn.

There are some pigs.

That demand

we mirror

traits like theirs.