Here are pictured Andrew and Henry.  The worker and the, well, player.  A twelve year old boy-man truly in-between in life and the baby that keeps us honest, that reminds us that work, the tasks, are not always the most important thing.

How do you do it?  How do you balance?

Andrew Lytle once said, “A farm is not a place to grow rich.  A farm is a place to grow corn.”  Yea, Andy, but you gotta get something for that corn, too.

You’ve gotta have enough grass for the animals tomorrow, so you have to put the right number of animals on that grass today, but you’re trying to grow your herd size so you can’t cull too many out of fear that they’ll eat too much today and leave nothing for tomorrow.  If you do, ain’t no humans gonna have any animals to eat tomorrow.

You have tasks that must be accomplished.  Your children are right there and need you.  How do you work with them and not teach them that just getting things done is the most important work of life?  How do you work and build relationship, build one another?

How do work and live?

I’m going to go with rest.

Resting and knowing that it all doesn’t depend on me, that God really is guiding my decisions, blessing our work, and covering all our mistakes.

Maybe it sounds like a tender baby balancing on the invisible.

Actually it’s a safety net.