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Two years ago the Paternal Forebearer swapped a couple of piglets to a friend in deep south Alabama for a couple of pyrenees puppies.  Brother and sister were welcomed with open arms and dubbed Mickey and Minnie.  This, we thought, would be a true farming victory.  Here we had young pups we would keep away […]

Stuffuling the Cows

I think I’ve told y’all about our grazing before.  For years we laboured under the precepts of MIG(Management Intensive Grazing, not Mig which was the bag guy’s airplane in Top Gun).  It allows that you move the cows often, using electric fence, in a regular rotation.  And it works great – in New Zealand where […]

Cheecken Huts

What do you do when you’ve got nearly 1,000 chickens to keep warm?  Hustle and build another brooder! But what can you throw up that’s large, warm, and rodent-proof?  Enter insulated aluminum panels that we bought from a neighbor a few years ago for next to nothing. And so was born – MAGNA BROODER! So […]

Chruk Fars

Paul pulled up and the Trooper appeared to be smoking.  I am not properly fire trained, so my brain ‘blinked’ for a few seconds. I think I might have been confused because my nostrils registered a wood fire smell.  It was a nice odor — cozy, relaxing even.  But smoke was billowing from a truck, […]

Some Days…

Some days you just can’t win.  This morning Wright walked in with a very swollen and bruised pinky toe.  Hep, one of our Percheron mares, apparently stepped on yesterday while he was feeding her.  Not a great thank you, but maybe I’m too picky. He explained had just finished feeding the animals but had to […]


And life abounds! I can’t remember if I told y’all about our first Jersey calf that was born this year.  Sadly, we lost her to a mystery surrounded by feed changes, paddock changes and very nasty weather. Then Becky calved! Becky is a story in herself.  Years ago a friend helped us find milk cows […]

Chicks and…

Ok, I’ve cheated.  This is actually a pic from our brooder last year, but it illustrates our system very well. On the right are chicks nine-days old.  On the left are chicks 2 days old.  Wait, why I am telling you this? It’s because we just got our first batch of chicks on Friday! Before […]

Puppies and…

How did this happen!?!? Minnie, our wonderful great Pyrenees, well, the wonderful one of our two great Pyrenees had puppies!  Three weeks ago Wright brought us the good(ish) news that Minnie had given birth out in the field while keeping watch over the new lambs and calves. Some speculate that Minne was concerned that she […]