Rest, Sweet Rest

Some days I really feel like Dory.  You remember, the memory-challenged fish from Finding Nemo.  “Just Keep Swimming”.  Somedays it seems that’s all I can eek out.  Just…keep…

It’s days like that (today being one of such) that I need things to be simple.  Simple.  I know it may not be easy, but simple is good.  How do I accomplish this?

Rest.  Yes I have a lot to do.  On a farm, as everywhere else, there is simply no end of the to-do list.  Yes, there’s an end to daylight, an end to energy, an end to patience, but the to-do list goes on and on and on.  My tendency is to try to keep up with it.  Stay on top of it all.  But the problem with that is twofold – First, I can’t clone myself and second, I want to retain my sanity.  So I have to force myself to start my day with rest.

I’m not kidding.  I not only have to force myself, but I kind of need the force to accomplish this, also.  My tendency is to jump out of bed, legs running in a wheel, like the roadrunner, to get it all done.  Literally, once I wake up, my mind starts going, thinking about everything I have to get done and I can’t sit still!  But I’m learning if I give in to this urge, halfway through the day (or sooner) I will crash and burn.  When that happens, there’s hell to pay.  What do I do?

I do the opposite of what I think I need…

October 11, 2016 my mother dropped dead, walking into the kitchen for breakfast.  She died the way she wanted to – busy.  She’d always say, “I just want to drop dead.  Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be dancing with the angels.”  Since her passing I have been given her prayer journals and have found a devotional book she gave me for Christmas 2014.  I’d completely forgotten it – “Streams in the Desert”.  This is where I start.

A devotional reading, then a psalm, prayer, journaling, maybe.  Sometimes it’s ten minutes.  Sometimes nearly an hour.  Sometimes it’s an email devotional.  Sometimes it has to be praying in the car and listening to King’s College Psalms of David.  But I think I have found it – a key.  After only forty one years, I now know – not only do I need rest and need it when I least think – sleep and food and drink and tv cannot give it.  Only the presence of God can give true rest.

So, in the morning, now I know I get to do what Mom is doing for the day – resting.

I hope you can find some rest in today, too.

Happy Spring!