The Mechanics of Eating Well

What do you know about your food – really?

Who raised it?

What was it fed? Yes, even if it’s vegetables, what was it fed?

Where was it raised?

Did it build the land or poison it?

Can you answer any of these questions in the grocery store aisle?

Why bother answering these questions?

If we want to truly eat well, we must answer them, and more.

Here are some guidelines from clean food guru, Joel Salatin…

1)Safe – Ultimately, safer food comes from smaller establishments that we know, operated by neighbors and friends.

2)Suitable – Does your food suit (build) the environment?

3)Seasonal – What’s wrong with waiting for that first tomato in May or stocking up on chickens for the winter?

4)Simple – How many ingredients are in your food?  We must embrace the responsibility of choosing our ingredients and preserving those foods ourselves.

5)Symbiotic – Food worth eating comes from farms that exhibit complex and intricate multi-speciated relationships.  In a word, a farm with many things growing = good.  Farms that only grow one thing = bad.

6)Seamless – When you chart the route of the food on your plate to your house, what does that path look like? The more direct, the better.

Do you know any farmers that you actually buy food from?

If not, now’s the time.  The money you put into your food today is money you won’t give your doctor tomorrow!


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