What, Exactly is Self-Care?

Self-care is all over everything today.

And I’m all for it! The problem is that when something becomes popular enough to become a hashtag, pretty soon every product, every service is going to be touted as self-care.  And that’s simply not the case.

So, here’s some clarification – Getting a manicure or pedicure – Not self-care.  Eyelash extensions?  Nope.  An extra $15 on a haircut – not self-care either.  Sure, they may make you feel pretty, but the need to feel pretty is not really a need.  It’s a want that just puts more pressure on you – and your wallet.

What is self-care?  It’s actually investing in the things that not only matter to you, but also the things that build you up – that rebuild you – after all of the things life throws at you every day.  Specifically, we’re talking about turning off your phone, taking a walk, sleeping in, asking for help, meditating, praying, and building relationships with those that you love.

Why is a farmer talking about this?  Because we all struggle with the same issues in our lives.  Sure, the actors vary, the situations are different, but, after 20 years of marriage and five children walking, talking, breathing, and demanding every day, we’ve learned a few things at Top of the World Farm.  We’ve had to.  Afterall, when your business is at your home, you’ve got to get serious about boundaries or, before you know it, you’re not only not thriving, you’re not even treading water any longer.

What do we suggest?  Sit down this weekend – or next.  Turn off your cell phones. Eat lunch together – not a perfectly healthy, omega 3s in everything meal – just a lunch you didn’t cook all by yourself.

Here’s how –

Hand your husband the following…

I would really like to sleep in one day this weekend.  Would you be willing to help me by cooking lunch one day?

If so, it’s really simple and delicious.

  • The sausages are in the refrigerator, thawed out.
  • Get the French fries out of the freezer. Turn on the oven to the temp listed on the package.
  • After the oven is preheated, put the fries on a cookie sheet and set a timer.
  • Grill the sausages.
  • When they’re done, the French fries should just about be ready.
  • Once everyone’s ready to eat, slice the sausages lengthwise, but not all the way through.
  • Put ketchup in the center of the cut sausage and, for those of us that like spicy, sprinkle a bit of curry powder and a bit of red pepper on the ketchup.
  • That’s it! Currywurst is done and so are the French fries – let’s eat!

This was a favorite of my Mom’s.  She and my Dad spent several years in Germany and brought this recipe back with them.

We are gluten free and use Ore-Ida brand fries not only because they’re gf, but also they don’t make us feel bad.

We’ve got some new Polish sausages that are delicious with this recipe, but our brats are my favorite.  If you love spicy our Andouille never disappoints.

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